Brisbane’s Best 10 Suburbs to ‘Live, Work and Play’

Dinah Lewis Boucher
Tue 16 Oct 18Research Dinah Lewis Boucher Tue 16 Oct 18

Effective transport connectivity, the decentralisation of the CBD, and an innovative planning framework to counteract inefficient urban sprawl will help improve the liveability of South East Queensland, according to a new report.

PriceWaterhouse Cooper’s CityPulse report provides insights into a three category index across SEQ, measuring how residents live, work, and play.

Live, a measure of wellbeing and the level of social equity, measures the overall amenity of an area based on factors such as housing affordability, crime rates and access to health care services and schools.

Work indicators focus on economic factors indicative of local economic prosperity such as value of building approval, gross regional product, and rate of business growth, along with accessibility to jobs, and level of welfare dependency.

While Play, arguably the most important segment, measures the fundamentals of an area offering entertainment, dining, cultural or sporting activities… Read more